Thinking of Buying Fitted Wardrobes or Bedroom Furniture?

Fitted Wardrobes England

Thinking of Buying Fitted Wardrobes or Bedroom Furniture?

Thinking of buy fitted wardrobes England?

Are you thinking of purchasing fitted wardrobes England?

In this Blog post we will aim to provide you with all the information that should be considered when it comes to purchasing fitted wardrobes England.


The initial design appointment is a great starting point on the road to buying your dream fitted bedroom. The first thing to consider is can the company you have approached meet your needs and requirements? Are they able too fulfil exactly what you want and deliver the furniture in the style and finish that you, the customer want? One of the most common things we found in the past from various companies who claim to specialise in bedroom furniture is they only offer a standard height door, this results in either lost space due to large filler panels above the door or top boxes fitted above the standard door size. This can be detrimental if you are looking for a sleek or minimalist look as there will be joins between the doors.


The second point to look at is what door styles are offered when it comes to your fitted wardrobes England. If you are looking for a particular finishes or style that maybe will be in keeping with your existing decor or perhaps something that is timeless then you will want a particular door style and if whatever company you have approached cannot or will not offer you this particular door then why should you have to compromise your design!  Simply Fitted Wardrobes strive to give our customers exactly what they want with a hinged door range of over 30 doors and multiple sliding door configuration we are confident that we will be able to achieve exactly the style you are looking for!


The final thing to take a look at is the company history and reviews. Although some companies may be a nationwide chain its always worth checking out reviews from previous customers and see what people think of not only the product but the installation and fitters as these can really make or break an installation.


These are a few reasons why Simply Fitted Wardrobes is a great choice for fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture. All our hinged or sliding door wardrobes are built bespoke to your ceiling height which means no wasted space.All our doors, no matter what style are available in any height so no matter what style you are thinking about your ceiling heights are not an issue. Our Carcass systems are built completely out of 18mm premium German board which means a solid sealed unit. No flimsy inferior back panels, unsightly walls being clothes. With our carcass systems there is a choice of finishes so no need to just stick to a matt white or grey. The last point to note is our multi fit drilling system which allows your interior layout ton be completely customisable to your exact needs. Shelves can be adjusted up or down to be tailored to your exact needs. On taller ceilings this allows the maximum use of tall space to be used by adding shelves above hanging height. It really is a great system and all our customers are really impressed with. It just a perfect system for anyone looking to maximise space, this system is not a requirement and is offered as a choice at no extra cost.

At Simply Fitted Wardrobes we like to ensure you, the customer is getting exactly what you want not what we can do. We have no fixed ranges or styles and can offer our customers a full choice of all the market styles and finishes available and if we don’t keep a particular finish in stock then we have excellent relationships in place with suppliers who we can get your desired finish from. To take a look at all our ranges visit our Pinterest page.


To arrange a free design visit us the contract us page on our website.

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