Fitted Wardrobe Height – Why Choose Simply Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobe Height

Fitted Wardrobe Height – Why Choose Simply Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobe Height & What you should know.

Fitted Wardrobe Height and how important it is!

When it comes to looking for any type of fitted wardrobes be that sliding fitted wardrobes or hinged fitted wardrobes usually the reason behind it is to maximise the space available that “off the shelf ” freestanding wardrobes won’t fill. Typically wardrobes from high street chains or furniture stores will have a fixed interior layout and not have much flexibility on sizes and finishes. There is a Swedish furniture store that has moved a step closer to allowing you to create some kind of wardrobe storage that would suit a particular individuals needs more than the rest but again this is still a long way from what a fitted wardrobe can offer.

What the General Public Don’t realise……

There are many fitted wardrobe companies able to offer their services to everyone who is willing to pay for fitted wardrobes but one of our biggest areas of concern when it came to building Simply Fitted Wardrobes as an established fitted wardrobes brand was Fitted Wardrobe Height. With first hand experience working for fitted wardrobe companies we felt there was an industry wide downfall regarding what everyone was offering clients. That was the Fitted Wardrobe Height. What the general public don’t realise and unfortunately won’t be told by any salesman trying to make a sale is that they will only use a single door height! This means regardless of the ceiling height within a property the still take a one size fits all approach which in our eyes completely misses the point of Fitted Wardrobes.


Something needed to be done…

We realised very early on that if we were to stand out from the crowd and truly maximise every bit of available space for all our clients we would need to ensure all our installations truly did fulfil our Fitted Wardrobe Height.

Every property has varying ceiling heights thats a fact and some cases its fine to use a “standard” height door. Most companies will be offering wardrobes between 2200mm to 2300mm heigh. This makes sense in a property with a ceiling height of 2350mm as a small ceiling filler can be used to bridge the space from the top of the door to the ceiling which is required as there will always be some kind of uneven surface on any ceiling even one that has been freshly plastered. What happens though if the ceiling height is 2100mm like is typical in a loft conversion or garage conversion. is this type of client just to be wrote off? Most companies will do just that, “sorry we can help you” but where does that leave a customer? What if the ceiling height is 2550mm have a huge unsightly ceiling filler panel of 250mm in the best case scenario? This is absolutely debating the point of any kind of fitted wardrobes.

The Simply Fitted Wardrobe Solution…

We design and create all our fitted wardrobes to suit whatever particular ceiling height any of our clients may have. We have fitted wardrobes in rooms with over 2600mm ceiling heights! Our Fitted Wardrobe Height on all our installations are as unique as each of our clients are. Nothing Standard, Nothing wasted! This is the best way to be in our eyes and it is a massive shame that the general public are not made aware of these facts prior to committing to a large purchase like fitted wardrobes.

Bespoke heights but not the bespoke price tags…

Now this is the most important part of the article. I am sure many reading this up until this point have been thinking this is all well and good building everything bespoke to each clients needs but thats obviously going to cost more and as soon as the word bespoke is mentioned people tend to have this preconceived idea that its going to come with a huge cost. This simply isn’t the case. We have had plenty of clients approach us for a quotation who have had quotes provided by much larger companies, and we have explained the issue with the Fitted Wardrobe Height and provided our proposal and still been better on cost than the client had been presented previously.

We hope you have found this article helpful and hopefully this will encourage clients to do some research prior to placing any kind of order for fitted wardrobes without first finding out exactly what the Fitted Wardrobe Height is!


If we can help with anything please don’t hesitate to contact us for free advice and guidance. You can also find all our fitted wardrobes on our Pinterest page.

From everyone at Simply Fitted Wardrobes

Thank you for reading and take care.

Fitted Wardrobe Height
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