Fitted Wardrobes Showroom in Essex

Fitted Wardrobes Showroom in Essex

Fitted Wardrobes Showroom in Essex

Our First Fitted Wardrobes Showroom in Essex!!


We have finally done it! The team are thrilled and beyond excited. Finally we have opened our first Fitted Wardrobes Showroom in Essex. The showroom based in Chelmsford is now open to the public. Currently we are running the Fitted Wardrobes Showroom in Essex on an appointment,net basis only. If you are thinking of getting some fitted wardrobes built then we can now demonstrate exactly why our ranges are head and shoulders above all our competitors.


The Simply Fitted Wardrobes Difference.


We have discussed the points on what separates us from the competition before many times but the fact that prospective clients are now able to see for themselves exactly what they will be getting and why it is worth investing in our furniture as opposed to anyone else in our Fitted Wardrobes Showroom in Essex is super exciting for us!


What is our showroom like?


In the Simply Fitted Wardrobes Showroom in Essex you can find displays of each of our ranges along with samples of each finish and texture. We have set up each display so it is easy and simple to find what ranges you like along with what finishes. We have 7 hinged displays each with a different internal layout so we can easily demonstrate the option and advise on what works well for different storage needs. We have a large four door sliding wardrobe display which exhibits our full mirrored sliding wardrobe doors along with a beautiful antique mirror stripe on two doors.


The displays

Fitted Wardrobes Showroom in Essex

Fitted Wardrobes Showroom in Essex


These are a few shoots of our showroom initially we will be uploading g more and more on to our social media pages especially our Facebook page and Pinterest. We don’t want you to take our word for it though. We want to invite all of you to arrange a visit and discover exactly what we can do for you. There are ranges of fitted wardrobes that suit all tastes and more than anything we want to prove to everyone why we offer something that no other company can and that is true customer care and attention. If you are thinking of taking a visit to our showroom you can find our address here. Prior to arranging a visit it may be a great idea to take a look at our online brochure to see what ranges suit your tastes and exactly the kind of things you can expect to find at our Fitted Wardrobes Showroom in Essex.


Our Past Customers


None of what we have been able to achieve at Simply Fitted Wardrobes would be possible without the amazing support we have had from our previous clients many of whom we still talk with and carry our further work for. You all mean a great deal to us and it has been an absolute pleasure to work for each and everyone of you. Even if you aren’t looking for any further fitted wardrobes please call in for a cuppa and a catch up it would mean the world to the team.


We all look forward to hearing from you guys soon and are super excited to see where we go from here.

Heres to the next chapter of the Simply Fitted story.


Read all about our brand new Fitted Wardrobes Showroom in Essex where we can now show off our fitted wardrobe ranges before you decide to order anything from anybody.

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