Fitted Wardrobe Trends for 2019!

Fitted Wardrobe Trends

Fitted Wardrobe Trends for 2019!

Fitted Wardrobe Trends for 2019.

Discover what we expect to be the next big thing for Fitted Wardrobe Trends for the next year.

Whether you are looking for fitted wardrobe inspiration or starting the process of planning a new installation within a property, we have put together what we believe to be the complete guide for Fitted Wardrobe Trends in the next 12 months.


Over the past year every body knows how popular grey tones have been especially the use of lighter more natural tones such as our Dove Grey finish. The most popular styles in hinged furniture have certainly been our Blyton range and our Rockingham range. These two ranges are available in our Dove Grey finish which can be found in our online brochure. We predicted in last years article regarding trends that the use of greys and cashmeres would remain present which they certainly have.


The Scandinavian Style Interior Designs.

The most notable rise in styles towards the end of 2018 has certainly been the Scandinavian inspired themed interior designs. There seems to be a large uplift in our Scandinavian inspire finishes such as the subtle, yet stylish Scandinavian Pine fitted wardrobes like the images found below. The use of much more bold outstanding finishes with heavy textures is gaining in popularity and something we expect to see tremendous growth for Fitted Wardrobe Trends in the next year. We now offer a wide variety of slight and heavily textured woodgrains in some amazing real grain patterns. Our installations can be found on our gallery as well as some of favourite installations below:

Fitted Wardrobe Trends
  Fitted Wardrobe Trends – Scandinavian Pine


Fitted Wardrobe Trends
Fitted Wardrobe Trends – Nordic Pine


Bold, Bright Finishes for Fitted Wardrobes.

With brands such as Dulux predicting the colour for 2019 being “Spiced Honey” described as a warm amber tone on the Dulux website and Farrow and Ball adding new finishes such as the beautifully bright Vardo and Yeabridge Green its a sure sign of people adventuring in to brighter, bolder finishes. This maybe the early indicators of people leaving the safety of neutral tones and getting creative with more outstanding finishes throughout the properties. Our Silverstone range of fitted wardrobes are available painted in any finish required. We work with the high quality Farrow & Ball paints which allows clients to colour match rooms or decor themes much easier. For our Silverstone range of fitted wardrobes we use 20mm thick solid oak doors with a veneered centre panel to give clients the highest quality fitted wardrobes available on the market. Find out about our Silverstone range in this video.


Play its safe with Contrasting Effects.

One of our favourite Fitted Wardrobe Trends that is still standing the test of time and we believe is going to be massively popular in 2019 is contrasting finishes not just a dove grey gloss contrasting with a matt cashmere but something more textured like our Mali woodgrain finishes which can be seen below paired with our Rockingham Dove Grey. Its contrasts like this we believe to be the major change in 2019 with clients opting for something to “complete” the look of a fitted wardrobe. With a wide variety of styles, textures and finishes we can achieve all kinds of contrasting looks from the more traditional to the cutting edge of contemporary.

Fitted Wardrobe Trends
Fitted Wardrobe Trends – Contrasts 


The above are some of the key Fitted Wardrobe Trends we predict for the coming year and we are really excited to see what is to come and what 2019 may bring with it. One thing is for certain, we will continue to strive for fitted wardrobe perfection and achieving 100% customer satisfaction in all we do.


We wish you all the best of starts for 2019 and keep your eyes on our Facebook and Pinterest pages to see the going on at Simply Fitted Wardrobes HQ.


Happy new year from all of us at Simply Fitted Wardrobes.



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